Just caught in the undertow.
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I was so excited about posting but I had nothing happy to talk about. AS IN on the top of my head. I wish I was -that- sad but unfortunately, I'm still here. && I got carried away by erm... cooking my lunch. HAHAHAHA yummy. JUST WANTED TO POST SMTH LA.

good times those were.Collapse )

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Met Aris, head of progamming for the YOG.
He's Greek, severely deep voice and very nice and friendly.
He is.. the coolest. Longest time he has stayed in a hotel is 6 months... in Italy.
The dream...

Sigh, he has lived in China for 2.5 years, lives in Madrid. 
I love his life. I might not have a family. BUT OK.

Jaded be my middle name. It's taking more and more for me to be amused. This scares me.
But I hoping this is a phase. I kinda take back what I said. I am lonely. I am alone. 

For now. 

Writer's Block: Sony Cyber-shot TX5
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1. I would take an underwater family portrait of my family and make it into Christmas cards to send to everyone. 
2. It would be crazy to take this along and attach it securely to a fishing line and take pictures of fishes or prawns for that matter of fact! You might discover a new deep underwater species.
3. I would make my friends twist themselves into human alphabets and save it as a font online, free for all to use. 
4. It would be fun to use the camera to take pictures of people's lower bodies in the water, and mix it with strange and random things like trash cans and road signs.
5. Last but not least, when you are cooking and you want to do up a blog post you can do crazy things like taking photos of your vegetables being washed. 

It would be awesome to have such a camera!


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