I didn't quite know where to place this.
thumb man

'cause my heart's too elated
& my mind's too weak.

But I'm so thankful.
Not everything went my way and sometimes, I had to go out of my way/sulk to get a point across 
but it was worth it & I get floaty happy when I think back of the insane moments we had.

We walked and talked a lot about weird things.
Where did horses originate from? Do babies have thoughts?

We graded food for localness.
Criteria included:
How low the chairs were?
Was there a menu?
Was the menu in English or Vietnamese?
Who was the clientele?
How exotic the food was? Recognizable? Identifiable?

The highest we got on the 1 to 10 scale was 12. Unidentified pig organs porridge. 

We had to take a lot of tests of patience. Waiting for the buses, waiting on the buses. 
A lot of uncertainty plagued us. We had 1 reservation made for the whole trip of 21 days, 11 places and no concrete plans.
Plans changed, from Halong Bay in Hanoi to diving in Nha Trang and we had to rush through cities and make do with little or no known ability to speak their language. 

We got mad at each other. Mainly through to lack of rest and heat and walking down boring streets. But we made time to clear it up, fight it out... realize that there was nothing to fight about. Take a nap and move on with life. 

Life should be like this I believe. Dealing with things as they come.

Trips like this also leads to a more detailed insight to our lives before & how it has changed us or made us better. Everyone should hope for the latter where life experiences only propel them forwards. If it's a backward movement, a lot of evaluation has to be done on why and how this can be reversed because honestly, life waits for no one. Not you or anybody so move the fuck on. It might really be easily like that.

I mean that in the mildest way possible, no shit. 

I want to relive this again but it's tough. No real adults get month-long holidays. 

We'll see about that. 

thumb man
My posts are always so confusing and vague, reading back I get emotions but no scenarios. So strange.

I wrote about hating to choose. I had another NEED TO CHOOSE situation this month and it was hard as well.
Maybe I should just accept that life is about tough choices and we move on, begrudgingly, hoping to make the best out of it.

It's not a holiday people, I have so much to do. 

thumb man
Scratch that rubbish excuse. I wasn't in the right frame of mind when I came to Vietnam and that was my first mistake.
Shouldn't have stuck to the crowd no matter how comfortable it was. It just wasn't the right way I wanted to do things.
Second mistake was to get carried away. No I shouldn't have. But I did it. & I've dealt with it. 

Lucky for Barcelona, where I proved myself to be of absolutely no use. Got to buck up now. Pick up some skills.
Last but not least, fingers crossed.

I've not grown much in the last 6 months but I'm sure i can take much more shit now. Want to throw your judgements at me? Sure?
Want to compete against a completely unwilling party? Sure! 

Bring it.

I think I'm ready for the next big adventure. 


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